Body Mass Index – ‘BMI’

Healthy weight depends upon the ratio between your height and your weight.

Taller people can be heavier than shorter people and still be considered to have a healthy weight.

Equally, a short person weighing the same as an ‘overweight’, tall person could be considered ‘obese‘. Try this simple calculator you can use to see your own BMI



How it is calculated The internationally recognised scale, using the World Health Organisation’s categorisation, is calculated as follows:

  1. Take your HEIGHT in metres (‘H’)
  2. Square your HEIGHT (‘H2’)
  3. Take your WEIGHT in kilos (‘W’)

BMI = W divided by H2 Example: A person who is 6 feet tall and weighing 210 lbs is 1.83 metres tall and weighs 95 kilos So: 1.83 squared (1.83 x  1.83) = 3.35 BMI = 95 divided by 3.35 = 28.36 (‘Overweight’)