Gastric Band

Quite similar to the first stage of the Gastric Bypass explained on the previous page, this approach starts with a constriction of the stomach and the formation of a smaller ‘gastric pouch’. ie a smaller stomach. This is achieved by placing an adjustable band around the top end of the stomach. This simply restricts the flow just enough for the patient to feel ‘full’ earlier in a meal and thus reduces the ability to eat too much.


The band is adjustable so that the ideal amount of the constriction can be achieved at all times.

The advantages of the Band approach:

  • The operation is quick – typically taking about 30 minutes.
  • The band operation can be performed as a day-case, with no need for overnight stay in hospital
  • It carries the lowest risk of post operative complications
  • The fine-tuning of the amount of constriction can be varied very precisely according to each patient’s needs.
  • It can be reversed (removed) relatively easily if required.
  • The band approach can be converted to either a Bypass or Sleeve at a later time if the need arises.
  • This approach is highly effective in reducing sleep apnoea
  • Can, with good weight-loss, have a positive effect in reducing Type II Diabetes

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