Gastric Balloon

This approach works by ‘fooling’ the stomach into feeling full when it is not. The inflation of the balloon inside the stomach stretches the stomach itself and replicates the physical effects of having eaten a big meal. The results are not as dramatic as the other approaches described, but typically expected to facilitate a weight loss of about 10%. In the longer term, it is intended to be an effected way to help the patient into a healthier diet and lifestyle generally as the results are real and the patient is expected to find the results pleasing and encouraging.


The procedure is accomplished by endoscopy, which is a tube inserted through the mouth, with a tube having a light and a camera at one end. Once in place, it is inflated with harmless saline.

The advantages of the Balloon approach:

  • The operation is a Day-case with no need for overnight hospital stay.
  • Minimally invasive, no anaesthesia is required. It is performed only with some sedation.
  • It is all done very quickly, typically in around 15-20 minutes
  • Once the desired modification to lifestyle is achieved, the balloon can be completely removed.
  • This approach is highly effective in reducing sleep apnoea


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