Welcome to The London Bariatric Centre

The Specialist Centre in Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery

This web site will explain all you want to know about Bariatric Surgery as performed  today by the most modern of methods. We cover the major aspects of obesity, its effects and ‘state of the art’ treatments now available.

The London Bariatric Centre is a specialist centre concentrating on surgery to combat serious obesity, called ‘Bariatric Surgery’.

Based at one of London’s foremost hospitals, St Mary’s Hospital, which is part of Imperial College, The London Bariatric Centre is conveniently located in Central London.

The combination of the two now provides a dedicated international, specialist centre of excellence enjoying state-of-the-art facilities, patient rooms and theatres.


As part of our being at the forefront of this field, we also offer Robotic Bariatric Surgery. There is a section later specifically on this, the most modern of all approaches to Bariatric Surgery anywhere in the world.

Our patients having this surgery enjoy the benefits of the best possible surgical facilities, care and treatment, managed in line with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust’s highest standards.

Bariatric Surgery is appropriate for people who are seriously overweight (‘Obese’) and for whom weight loss by the usual means is unsuccessful.  It is far more sophisticated than mere ‘weight loss’ surgery or ‘body reshaping’. Another (non-clinical) term associated with Bariatric Surgery is ‘Stomach Stapling’.

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